Method of Fundraising, Data protection and privacy
We are grateful to all individuals and groups who actively try to raise funds and awareness for the Ben McNicol Trust (the ’Trust’). If you do chose to raise funds or awareness of this charitable trust then the Trust ask that you do so in accordance with the Fundraising Regulator Code of Fundraising Practice (as updated from time to time):
the Trust asks that you consider if appropriate the preferred option of justgiving fundraising capabilities by registering your event as follows:
The Trust will not store personal data on a database or share any personal data with a third party.
Any personal data that The Trust holds is only accessible on our website and has been provided to the Trust by the individuals who have participated in the stated events and for the purpose of promoting the charitable activity of the Ben McNicol Trust. If you have personal data that you object to having on the Ben McNicol Website then the Trust will delete that personal information upon request. If you want to make this request for deletion then please email the Trust at:
From 20 May 2018 prior to any information appearing on the Ben McNicol Trust website that contains any personal data the Trust will request consent from the individual to the appearance on the website. The Trust will not include any personal data on the website unless the consent has been given first by the individual or group.

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